Energy Audits Price schedule




Energy Audit Standard Existing homes

  1. Diagnostic testing with blower door
  2. Diagnostic testing of first HVAC system
  3. Smoke stick search for leaks
  4. Inspect attic, crawl space and basement insulation grade
  5. Computer modeling of home as is with Energy Star approved software
  6. Estimate of repairs
  7. Estimate of energy savings if repairs made
  8. Testing after repairs are made*.                            



Energy Star & IRC testing for newhomes

Call for details



Additional testing



Each additional HVAC system (required if more than one)



Infrared Camera with blower door



Infrared camera only (not recommended as an energy audit only)



*Retesting of Home



  1. If we preformed energy upgrades

We always check our work.

No additional Charge

  1. If upgrades installed by others



  1. Project management of other company’s

$150.00 min charge $75/hr after the first hour.

$150 min


Each additional HVAC system



Solar site evaluations                                    

  1. Determine if the site is suitable for solar and the best location
  2. Best type of installation
  3. Project available solar



Prepaid and scheduled at show only discount  no credit cards









Refund of audit proportional to scope of work. Min refund 25%, after rebates from Utility’s and Others